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A Supernatural/Justin Trudeau/Markiplier/Five Nights at Freddy's fanfic by @kdrez and @ntngps

justin trudeau and billy bob from supernatural were best buddies. they loved to eat pizza together. so they decided one day to take a trip out to the city to go to the world famous "five nights at freddy's" pizzeria. they loaded up on canadian snacks for justin and demon snacks for billy bob and hit the road. but just as they were pulling onto the highway, billy bob got a call on his cellphone from his brother, gavin.

"billy bob," gavin said after billy bob explained where he was, "I wish you had told me that you were going to the "five nights at freddy's" pizzeria, or else I would have asked to come along with you."

"But gavin," said billy bob, in reply to his brother gavin, who was both a demon and an angel, " aren't you trapped in hell battling the lord of the flies for possession of your soul?"

"No, I got out. That's why I called you," explained gavin, "I need your help."

"What's going on?" Asked Prime minister Justin Trudeau.

"It's my brother," said billy bob. "He's about to explain why he called me."

"Ask him if he wants to come with us to the famous "five nights at freddy's" pizzeria" Said Justin.

"OK," said billy bob. "Gavin, do you want to come with us to the 'five nights at freddy's' pizzeria?"

"Maybe," said gavin, "but there's something you need to know. Turn on your youtube."

So billy bob opened up the youtube app on his phone. At the top of his subscriptions was a new video from markiplier

"Oh sweet a new markiplier video" said billy bob.

"Cool! Put it on the aux cord," said prime minister justin trudeau. So billy bob hooked it up and hit play. the title of the video was SO I KIDNAPPED SOMEONE?????

Billy bob gasped in surprise when he played the video and saw that it was dingo on the screen!

"Jeepers!" billy bob said into the speakerphone. "I didn't know dingo was friends with markiplier! I should ask him if he can get me an autograph."

"Keep watching," said gavin.

The video then showed markiplier. He was holding a gun.

"What's up guys," markiplier started. "So you may or may not recognize this guy I have tied up here with me. His name's dingo and he's one of the world famous supernaturals. I'm putting this video out there for you guys to enjoy, and I'm also asking the other supernaturals, gavin and billy bob, for one millions dollars in cash so that I will release dingo. Thanks for watching everyone, be sure to hit that like button and leave a comment down below."

"Oh no!" said billy bob. "is this why you called me?"

"Yes," confirmed gavin. "We need to help dingo." I don't know where he is but I thought we could put our heads together and figure it out."

"I"m here too! I'll help!" said prime minister justin trudeau, yet again saying his famous catchphrase and slightly annoying gavin and billy bob.

"ok," said billy bob, "let's go to gavin's house and we can figure out what to do from there." So they drove over to gavin's house and pulled up markiplier's video on gavin's tv.

"Wait a minute…" said justin, "is that a pizza in the background, above dingo's shoulder?"

"Yeah, it is," said gavin. "My supernatural vision can see past the darkness in the background. It looks like a big bear with big eyes and a creepy smile… wait a minute… it's a robot bear!"

Justin and billy bob said nothing, but looked deep into each other's eyes. Never before had they experienced a shared understanding with another person on this level before.

"The world famous 'five nights at freddy's' pizzeria!" they said simultaneously.

"That's where dingo and markiplier are!" said gavin.

"Oh no! Markiplier knows no limits when it comes to evil..." said billy bob, "and I should know, I'm an angel and a devil."

"Time's wasting," said justin, "let's drive over to the 'five night's at freddy's' pizzeria, like we were going to."

So they all drove over to the pizzeria. It was really dark in there and pretty scary. Justin and Billy bob held each other's arms because they were so scared. Gavin made a light for them with his magic powers.

"Dingo!" cried out billy bob and gavin. "Where are you? Markiplier! Show yourself!"

Suddenly a voice came on the PA system. It was markiplier. "Hey guys, welcome to the 'five nights at freddy's' world famous pizzeria. Did you guys bring one million dollars?"

"No!" said justin. "I'm here to negotiate the safe return of dingo, and I'm here in my capacity as the prime minister of canada. I'm here to negotiate."

"Well, there won't be a negotiation unless you have one million dollars! And you'll never find me in this place. My good friends the killer robots will find you first…" said markiplier.

Suddenly from the shadows came the rabbit robot, and he was holding a knife. His fur was partially gone in places, exposing the robot skeleton underneath. It was really scary. He swung his knife at gavin, but gavin's supernatural training kicked in and he kicked the knife out of the rabbits hand. Then billy bob punched the rabbit and the rabbit exploded.

Billy bob flashed his pearly whites. "Is that the best you got?"

"Grrrr!" markiplier said. Then there was silence.

"Come on," said prime minister justin trudeau, leading the way deeper into the pizzeria. They navigated exposed pipes leaking steam and arcade games that would turn themselves on all of a sudden in a really surprising way.

"AAaaah!" screamed billy bob. Gavin had to calm him down with some deep breathing exercises.

Eventually they reached the inner pizza sanctum and found dingo inside a cage, bound and gagged. When he saw them he started screaming for them.

"Dingo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled out billy bob and gavin, his sworn brothers.

"Stay calm," said justin. "We're gonna get you out of this spooky place."

"Not so fast!!" said markiplier over the speakers. "This game isn't over until I say it's over!!"

From behind them they heard a creaking metal sound. They spun around and saw the scary bear robot from the front sign on the door to the "five nights at freddy's" world. They all were very scared. Billy bob hid behind his brother gavin.

"Help us!" they said.

"Just a second," said justin. He had found one of the world famous pizzas and was really going to town on it. He had taken his shirt off because it cost $40 Canadian and he didn't want to get oil or red pepper flakes on it.

Billy bob did a somersault out of the way. The bear robot turned his blade on Gavin. The bear made a noise that might have been laughter for a robot.

"Get him!" said markiplier.

"Noooooooo!" screamed billy bob. "I won't let you kill my brother!!!" and then billy bob transformed into a devil! And gavin transformed into an angel! And then the fight really began!

Markipler put down the controller and looked into his webcam.

"Well guys, that's all the time I have for today's playthrough of the new "Five Nights at Freddy's" game. I'll pick it up tomorrow, after I spend the day counseling sick kids at the hospital."

On Markiplier's monitor was the frozen image of a shirtless prime minister, two sworn supernatural brothers and their vulnerable companion, and the scariest bear robot of all time. Superimposed over all this was the words GAME PAUSED.

"Be sure to like and subscribe to my channels for more epic playthroughs of every single five nights at freddys games there ever was or will be."

Markiplier got up and turned his monitor off.


Published Apr 07, 2017
Tagsfnaf, justin-trudeau, markiplier, supernatural
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